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Micellar gel: what is it and what is it for?

micellar gel

For several years now, people have been talking about the benefits of micellar water for the skin. Its uses are very varied, from removing make-up and cleaning facial skin in adults to gel substitute for babies. 

Currently there are many cleaning solutions that include micelles in their formulation and they come in different formats: they can be water itself, oils, lotions or gels such as our New Vera & the birds Micellar Gel .

But what does the surname 'micellar' mean? 

Micellar is a technical concept that refers to the mechanism by which the product that contains micelles fulfills a cleaning function. These micelles are small polarized structures made up of an internal hydrophobic part that repels water and traps fat and with it dirt, makeup, dead skin, pollution, etc. and an external hydrophilic part . This makes them able to transport insoluble molecules in an aqueous medium. 

The skin must be cleaned, it is the least you can do for it.

The skin has a barrier function that defends us against external agents. In order for it to adequately fulfill this function, we must help it to stay healthy and protected. That is why the first step in any beauty routine is cleaning , this helps the skin  to eliminate dead cells, excess sebum, traces of makeup or other products that we have previously applied such as creams or sunscreens. In this way we can continue with later steps such as hydration. 

The fact of having previously cleansed the face will make the products that we apply later penetrate better and perfectly fulfill the purpose for which they have been created.

micellar gel

Why a Micellar Gel?

Solutions with micelles very respectfully and effectively trap impurities that accumulate on the skin and expel them by removing the product. It is a very delicate way to clean the skin , so it becomes a perfect ally for daily use. That is why it is specially designed for the most sensitive skin , however other types also benefit from its effects.

Being a product without oily part, it can be used by people with oily skin without adding extra sebum. Dry skin can also use it since it does not leave a greasy residue or tight skin, in addition the Micellar Gel contains aloe vera that provides extra hydration for a comfortable skin sensation.

It is an all-in-one product since it cleans in depth, it is effective in removing  soft makeup , gently exfoliates through continued use, tones and hydrates . But watch out! Its main action is cleaning, so it is not a substitute for other toiletries, such as moisturizer or an oil-based make-up remover to remove waterproof make-up or permanent lipstick. To complete the facial routine we have the Serum anti pollution in addition to your ideal moisturizer to use after the Micellar Gel .

How to use the Micellar Gel correctly?

Over the last few weeks, we have been showing you different ways of applying it and there is no single correct way to use it, it all depends on the preferences of each one and even the time of day in which we apply it. In this post I am going to tell you the theory and also some practical cases.

What the theory of how to apply the micellar gel (or any micellar water) says is that you have to apply it with light touches using a cotton pad or make-up remover disk and do gentle circular massages to remove excess product, thus removing dirt from the face. Rubbing and dragging should be avoided as this can cause dirt to be dragged and not removed.

micellar gel application

The innovative gel texture of our micellar water makes it a very versatile product , with other forms of application. Here I detail some of them:

  1. You can apply the product directly on the face and perform a pleasant massage with the fingertips. Its gel texture is very easy to use and also has a very refreshing effect on the skin. It can be removed with the help of a soft cloth, reusable disc or cotton, pressing with light touches or with circular movements.
  2. You can use it by applying a hazelnut of the product on a reusable make-up remover disc and use it to clean your face.
  3. It can be used as a cleansing soap by massaging it all over the face and then removing it with water. 
  4. Use with Foreo . You can apply the Micellar Gel directly on the skin of the face and massage with Foreo or dose the product directly on the device and from there use Foreo normally for deep cleaning.
  5. Cleared or not cleared? We leave that to your choice. It is not necessary to rinse with water after cleansing, so you will not remove the active botanicals included in the Micellar Gel, such as aloe vera for a smooth finish and more hydrated skin, kiwi and pineapple extracts, and sweet orange essential oil. Together they act as powerful antioxidants and fight against premature aging. However, if you prefer to clarify it, you can also do so, since its function as a cleaner will already have been carried out perfectly.

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