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Get the french kiss effect with Vera & the birds lipsticks

Achieving good results with very little effort is something that does not happen very often. However, there is always an exception! If there is something that we are clear about in 2021, it is that less is more and this trend has reached the beauty world .

'French kiss', bitten lip effect, blurred lips … whatever you want to call it! Straight from the catwalks has come this romantic trend of lip makeup with a softer, lighter and fresher finish.

And we still haven't told you the best of this trend: thanks to the technique used, your lipstick will last much longer . Forget constantly touching up your lipstick! With this new fashion you can eat, drink and kiss without worrying if the lipstick stays perfectly within its limits.

How to achieve the 'French kiss' effect

OK. It all sounds great, but how do we get that smudged lip effect ? It is a super simple technique, but like everything, you have to know how to execute it correctly ;)

First of all, to show off your lips, they must be previously exfoliated. Use our Bamboo Lip Scrub to get rid of annoying little skin.

The next step is very simple! Once your lips are soft and hydrated, it's time to choose your favorite lipstick . For truly Parisian lips we recommend a good red like our Into the Bloom Radiant Matte Lipstick . Its semi-matte texture will help you work the product very easily.

Are you looking for a more spring result? Bet on Wild Hibiscus Soft Cream lipstick . Thanks to its raspberry tone you will be able to bring a lot of light to your face.

Now that you have your lips ready and the right material, it's time to get down to business. Gently slide the tip of your index finger over the surface of the lipstick and apply the product in light dabs on your lips.

The trick to make this romantic effect last over time is the layers. Re-apply the lipstick several times, dabbing at the center of the mouth to add more intensity. In this way, you will achieve a more blurred effect and a color that completely blends with your lips.

 The touch of grace for blurred lips

As you have already seen, the 'French Kiss' is a very simple technique. However, if you want a result of 10, you can finish blurring the edges of your lips with a concealer in your skin tone.

Again, help yourself with your fingers to slightly erase the border between the lipstick and your skin. For the most perfectionists, you can go over the areas that have not been to your liking with a brush and a little bit of concealer. Et volià!

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