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Guide to take care of yourself during isolation

Today I'm going to take off my pajamas. Total, who is going to see me? It all starts with an innocent phrase, said on the air. But if the situation becomes permanent, it can have negative consequences for us. Inside and outside.

It is true that nothing happens if during the confinement we do not dress up so much, or if we do not even put on makeup (when before we always did). Maybe it's even liberating. That's ok. But what we must not allow is abandonment. Totally neglect and stop paying attention to us . As that meme says: “Warning everyone. It is advised to test the jeans every three to four days. Pajamas are treacherous, I repeat, pajamas are treacherous!

It is essential to take care of ourselves and take care of our skin during isolation . For three reasons: health, self-esteem and discipline.

So STEP 1 : mentalize yourself, taking care of yourself is super important. To be well inside and out, you have to take care of yourself and establish clear routines. And before all that: you have to believe it.

Are you psyched? Great, STEP 2 . Dedicate just 5 minutes morning and night to a simple and specific routine for your skin. Don't get complicated, start with a routine that's easy to do , don't make it uphill. Do you have doubts about which one is the most suitable for your skin type? Take a look at our post .

STEP 3 . Take off your pajamas. Our brain associates 'pyjamas' with 'sleep' , 'laziness' and 'leisure'. Removing that association is very, very difficult and the most likely thing that will happen if you wear your pajamas all day is that monotony will overcome you, you will hardly be productive and the days will become the same.

STEP 4 . Pay attention to the level of hydration of your skin. The heating of the house, the constant washing of the hands can cause a greater loss of transepidermal water. Pay attention to signs of dehydration (dull, parchment, flaky skin) and combat them with a good moisturizer. Oh, and it's not just the face that needs our care: hydrate your body as well, especially your hands (the poor ones are suffering a lot with so much washing).

STEP 5 . Move your serrano body. Physical exercise is health, it reduces stress levels , it puts us in shape and thanks to it we release endorphins to the fullest. There you have it: happiness at zero cost. So that your training is ten, we have created a list on Spotify with great songs to fill you with power .

STEP 6 . Season this rich self-care recipe with a weekly mask . Our green clay and algae mask will nourish and remineralize your skin. Apply it and leave it on for 15 min. While it takes effect, take the opportunity to read a magazine (have you seen that you have April Vogue totally free?) or book a karaoke with your friends (virtual and free, you have it here )

STEP 7 . Put down that bag of Doritos. You know it, I know it: those beautiful pimples have not been generated solely by stress and hormonal changes. A healthy diet -with an abundance of fruit, vegetables and legumes and a deficit of 'bad' fats and sugar- is key to being healthy and looking better.

By the way, we have launched a challenge on Instagram to share beauty routines during isolation. You just have to upload your routine using the hashtag #yomeCUIDOencasa and challenge 3 friends. You sign up?

Have we already convinced you that taking care of ourselves inside and out is absolutely necessary? We will be happy to read you in the comments

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