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Solid shampoos: a safe bet

We like simple, effective things that help the planet. Deciding to launch a line of solid shampoos , more than a decision, we feel like a duty. A duty towards the environment and the values ​​in which we believe in Vera & the birds. We continue to bet on sustainable options and solid shampoos have been making eyes at us for a long time. We confess: we could not resist .

Two shampoos, two functions, same effectiveness

We have decided to launch two solid shampoos to meet the different needs that our hair may have. Both have a creamy and soft foam that will gently glide through your hair.

These solid products are delicately wrapped in recycled paper with an exclusive watercolor design drawn, as always, by Alex, our CEO & Founder. Now let's get down to business! How are our two solid shampoos different ?

Dry Hair Solid Shampoo

As its name indicates, it is a solid shampoo for hair with a dry tendency . His secret weapon? Lemon and sesame oils: the perfect combination to combat dry hair without leaving an oily feeling. A product to feel hair so soft that it will slide through your fingers.

Oily Hair Solid Shampoo

And what about our our aromatic friend ? This is the ideal shampoo for oily hair . If you are looking for a product that leaves you feeling totally clean without sacrificing the softness of your hair, this is your great ally! The lime and sage extract will keep your hair clean, providing a unique, subtle and fresh aroma. No artificial perfumes!

How are solid shampoos used?

Whichever you choose, the method is the same. With wet hair, slide the tablet through all the hair. Massage until it forms a soft foam and... enjoy the moment! When you're done, remember to leave the tablet in a dry place, ready for the next time you use it.

Betting on solid products: a whole win win

Using solid shampoos have great advantages for the planet and your wallet. Each of our tablets is equivalent to two bottles of conventional shampoo, with a life of up to 48 uses *. You will use less packaging, you will create less waste and you will save a few euros.

*Up to 2x250ml. It may vary depending on the length of the hair. Based on the average in Spain: 3.5 washes/week.

In addition, now you will be able to forget about fearing spilling liquids on trips. Store your solid shampoo in a dry place and worry no more about what might happen. They take up very little space and you can take them anywhere. The convenience of a solid shampoo is something few products can compete with!

We are delighted that our sparkling friends have joined our family of solids . Now all you have to do is launch yourself to discover the softness and aroma of these fantastic solid shampoos. Let yourself be seduced by the charms of our solid cosmetics with Vera & the birds!

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