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Low (vital) battery. 8 ideas to prevent it from happening

low battery
By Alex López Capitelli, CEO & founder at Vera & the birds

May it be five in the afternoon and you feel as if a truck had run over you. Day after day. I'm sure it's a feeling you're familiar with. 

We often let the day devour our energy, and I'm not just talking about physical energy (which is also) but the energy we need on a psychological and emotional level to face daily challenges. The stories that happen to us can become small stones that settle in our pockets and make the day heavy. Because the browns at work are heavy, the traffic jam first thing in the morning is heavy , the fight with the children to brush their teeth is heavy. And so little by little, the battery of our emotional mobile wears out until a measly 3% line remains. 3%? Glups , now what?

Before you hit that red line, let me tell you one thing. Self care is not a luxury , it is not a whim, it is a necessity. Because the moment you neglect yourself, that you don't pay attention to yourself, everything else fails. Exhaustion at any level can lead us to much more serious problems that are difficult to remedy, such as depression.

Don't let that happen. Don't cross the line. 


Eat well

Food directly affects your energy levels and these, in turn, affect your well-being. You are what you eat. You are aware of that, and you know very well what to eat to feel good, but -honestly- you lack time . To prevent laziness from dominating your menu, schedule your meals and make several in a block (so-called batch cooking ). It will help you save time, money and space in your head. I suggest the Elka Mocker program, I haven't tried it (yet) but it tempts me a lot.


It's not about becoming Virginia Woolf (god, what pressure). It's about using writing as therapy, it's about getting what you have inside through words. Try writing a few lines about what overwhelms you or what you can't find a way out of

Writing puts our ideas in order. All that torrent of thoughts and emotions (many times negative) that flow uncontrollably during the day are calmed down by writing. When writing, you order the essentials, you keep the good stuff and you clean up what is left over. That's just one of the benefits that writing brings. Go to this blog article if you want to read another four.


Oops, how obvious. Well actually not so much. It is a fact that we forget to breathe; Partially understandable. Short or insufficient breathing increases stress and fatigue levels. And we already know what comes next, right?

do exercise

Physical exercise is what amounts to a mental reset . It clears you up, puts your thoughts in order and helps you rest at night. And although it may seem like a contradiction, it increases our energy levels.


It is a fact. You don't get to everything and you know it. So you better make a list and start numbering the tasks, from most to least important. Those of little importance or less urgency, that do not overwhelm you : move them to an area of ​​your head where they do not bother. There will be time to return to them.

You first

If before I recommended prioritizing, now I suggest you prioritize yourself before everything else. When safety instructions are explained to us on airplanes, one of the maxims is that in the event of cabin depressurization, you must always put on your oxygen mask before helping others . This is for a very clear reason: if you are not in full power, it will be difficult for you to help the one next to you.

Prioritizing (you) is not an act of selfishness, quite the opposite. It is an act of love towards you and towards others.

Stay away from toxic people

We have all ever met a person who, instead of contributing, ballasts; that instead of building, it destroys and that is sowing negativity and conflict where it walks. These energy vampires are categorized in psychology as 'toxic people' and they are real. Get away from them whenever you can. 

go to sleep

Starting the day with dead batteries is not a good start. Today try to go to sleep early .

These eight steps to avoid energy deficits are a good starting point. Do you have any you want to add? Leave it in the comments.


Interesantes consejos, siempre vienen bien que te los recuerden! Carpe diem y respira profundo!


Gracias por tus sabios consejos Alex, eres genial

Eva María Seldas López

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