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Bakuchiol: Everything you need to know about the ingredient that will change your facial routine


There is a word that has entered the dictionary of beauty editors, beauty insiders and beauty freaks (yes, freaks, because there are also freaks in cosmetics and we are part of them ;)), that word is Bakuchiol, capitalized like this because he deserves it.

This active ingredient with a name that is difficult to pronounce is gaining a well-deserved place on the short list of ingredients worldwide due to the multiple transforming effects it has on the skin and, above all, the extremely high skin compatibility that characterizes it, being a highly recommended active ingredient for the most sensitive and reactive skin.

What is special about bakuchiol? 

If we think of an essential ingredient in our nightly routine to treat wrinkles and expression lines, surely one of the most recurring assets is retinoids, right? This substance has been used for decades in anti-aging products and multiple studies support its effectiveness. Unfortunately, retinoids are not suitable for everyone , as they can cause erythema, irritation and peeling, among other unwanted effects. They are also incompatible with the sun and degrade very easily. 

All these inconveniences have led specialized dermocosmetic laboratories to search for equally effective and powerful ingredients without the side effects of retinoids, and… voila, bakuchiol has arrived. Our unpronounceable ingredients belong to the so-called retinol-like , a group of active principles that these laboratories have analyzed to find the closest retinol-like without the irritation that it can cause to the most sensitive skin. 

After presenting our star active ingredient, the cornerstone of our new Perfecting Serum with 1% bakuchiol , we want to answer the main questions that you have been asking us in recent days on the occasion of this launch:

Really, what is it worth? 

The Vera & the birds perfecting serum is a serum for night use with a high concentration of active ingredients that are intended to fill in wrinkles, attenuate expression lines , fade spots produced by the sun and the passage of time, and hydrate and soften the skin, while providing it with an extra supply of antioxidants. Bakuchiol also makes it a product that is very well received by oily and acne-prone skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. 

What type of skin is it indicated for? for what ages?

For all skin types, even the most sensitive . However, if there is any pathology such as rosacea or atopic dermatitis, we always recommend consulting your reference specialist before incorporating new cosmetics into your routine.

It can be used when the first lines of expression and wrinkles typical of the passage of time begin to appear, as well as spots produced by photoaging. 

Is it recommended for acne-prone skin?

Absolutely. Bakuchiol, with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps fight acne , is an ingredient with sebum-regulating capacity that helps keep excess sebum at bay. Various scientific investigations support its effects in the fight against the main agents that cause acne. However, in severe cases of acne, we recommend that you consult your primary dermatologist before making any changes to the products you use to combat it.

And if I have spots?

The bakuchiol is for you if you have spots produced by the sun. This natural active ingredient has been shown to improve hyperpigmentation , reducing small spots and blemishes and restoring a uniform tone to the face.


Even the most mature skins?

Yes, mature skin will also notice the effects of the perfecting serum, since bakuchiol and its partner , high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, are designed to combat the signs of aging and have synergistic effects . the bakuchiol It helps regulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and aquaporin 3. It is also a collagen I, III and IV stimulator that also improves the elasticity, firmness, texture and luminosity of the skin. Hyaluronic acid for its part is capable of retaining a much higher percentage of water than its molecular weight, so hydration is assured.

To notice the effects of this prodigious serum even more, I recommend that you use it combined with the facial regenerating cream for an extra contribution of nutrition.

In which step of the routine should it be used?

The most appropriate time of day for this serum is at night, after correct facial hygiene. If you still don't know everything that facial cleansing can do for you, I recommend that you read our blog post about it: ' Daily facial cleansing or how to make the most of your beauty products'. 

With a clean and dry face, we first apply the multi-correcting eye contour and then the perfecting serum. If you have dry skin or just like to use your nighttime moisturizer, you can apply it after your serum, allowing the former to work for 15-20 minutes before applying your moisturizer on top.

Could it be combined with the night cream, using both at the same time? Can I use it alone?

The answer to both questions is yes. If you are going to combine it with the night cream, you must first apply the serum, three or four drops is enough, on a clean and dry face. Then you distribute it all over your face (neck and décolleté would be a perfect plus) performing a gentle massage and waiting between 15 and 20 minutes for the skin to absorb the rich active ingredients. You can then apply the night cream as normal.

In case of using it alone, we would do the first step the same. As a recommendation for dry skin, tell you that the next morning you see if the skin needs an extra supply of nutrition, and you will know if you have a somewhat tight feeling on your face. In this case we must also perform the second step explained above.

What difference does it have with the anti-pollution serum?

Our anti-pollution serum is a shot of antioxidants for the skin tissue that reinforces the skin's barrier function. It has been formulated to fight against air pollution, forming an invisible film that acts as a neutralizer against free radicals and as a shield against the entry of heavy metals, thanks to barley and wheat seeds. It can be used in the morning and at night. During the day, its main function is to help protect the skin from external agents that can damage the complexion, at night it helps the skin to regenerate due to the presence of organic black cumin and argan oils.

The perfecting serum is designed to treat the main signs of skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and sun spots . The tandem bakuchiol - high molecular weight hyaluronic acid work synergistically to achieve a hydrated, smoothed, luminous, unified and soft complexion.


Does it only apply at night?

It could also be applied during the day since it does not contain any active ingredient that is incompatible with sun exposure, however it has been designed to act at night. 

While we sleep, our body regenerates and the skin recovers from the damage caused during the day, also preparing to face a new day the next morning. Therefore, if we add a specific treatment product to the precious hours of rest, we will be able to improve the results, contributing to the skin regeneration process. 

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, all the ingredients it contains are compatible with pregnancy and lactation. Unlike retinol, which cannot be used during the gestational period, bakuchiol has no contraindications for pregnant women.


¡Hola Emilia! Con el Bakuchiol no sería necesario aplicarlo poco a poco si tu piel no es muy sensible. Aún estando testado en pieles sensibles y ser super apto para ellas, puedes probar a aplicarlo 2-3 veces la primera semana y ver que al reacciona tu piel. Pero en principio podrías usarlo todos los días sin ningún problema.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

Hola, el bakuchiol es necesario aplicar lo en el rostro poco a poco como el retinol? Me refiero a 1 o 2 veces por la primeras 2 semanas, luego vas aumentando los dias hasta poder usar lo todos los dias? O se puede aplicar todos los dias sin tener un proceso de adaptación?


¡Hola Eva!

Nuestro serum con bakuchiol contiene un 1% del mismo, porcentaje ya efectivo al usarlo todos los días. Si eres alérgica al bakuchiol no deberías usarlo, además siempre recomendamos revisar los ingredientes si sueles tener alergias antes de usar cualquier cosmético.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

¡Hola Natalia!

El Bakuchiol Serum es un serum facial, no está formulado para su uso en el contorno de ojos ni párpado superior o inferior.

Recomendamos siempre el uso de un cosmético específico para la zona del contorno de ojos.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

Tengo 68 a qué porcentaje debe ser el Bakuchiol.
Soy un poco alérgica se recomienda igual?

Eva loter

Buenas noches, puedo aplicar el producto en los párpados? La crema hidratante de noche también se puede aplicar en los ojos ?
Muchas gracias!


¡Hola Isa!

Nosotras no recomendamos la mezcla de varios aceites, por lo que tendrías que revisar los ingredientes de los productos que estás usando y ver si son compatibles entre si.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

Hola, yo compré un aceite de bakuchiol, al 03%,el97%restante, es aceite de rosa mosqueta, voy a hacer una mezcla de varios aceites, su función seguirá siendo la misma? Gracias


¡ Hola ! Acabo de adquirir el productor Serum bakuchiol y quería saber si después de usarlo y dejarlo que se absorba puedo ponerme niacinamida, ya que llevo mucho tiempo utilizándola y no quisiera dejar de hacerlo. Muchas gracias de antemano. Saludos

Ana Martínez

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